Stop talking about it and become the woman who makes it happen!
Admit it…you know  you were meant
to do great things with your life.
THINGS Like...
  • Having fun, meaningful work that pays the big bucks and also is super empowering
  • Encouraging groups of people (whether it be in fitness, health, life, spirituality, or becoming their best selves)
  • Having a sense of purpose (you wanted your life to meansomething)
  • Traveling to all the exciting places, fulfilling all your bucket list items, and waking up SO pumped that this is your life
Growing up, you had this big vision for how everything would turn out!
But lately…
  • You feel farther away from your purpose than ever before
  • You feel behind in life… like you don’t matter, and the self-doubt voice in your head is LOUD
  • You feel disconnected and unknown, even with people who are supposed to know you best
  • Your family, coworkers, and even your friends don’t get you or your dreams… so you just stay quiet about them
  • Your vision board is a source of shame and sadness because it seems so far from reality
  • And at the end of the day, when you scroll through social media, you feel lonely, insecure, not enough… Sometimes you can’t even look at what your friends are doing anymore because all of it just plain hurts!
IT FEELS like something is missing…
something MAJOR is missing….
but you don’t know what to do about it
Girlfriend, I’ve been there!
But the reality is that a job, a raise, a new car, a fancy house, and nonstop travel WON’T bring that wholeness you’re looking for… only you can control that.
IT'S EASY TO get sucked into thAT
trap of thinking.
let me know if this sounds familiar....
If YOU could just...
  • Lose 20 pounds…
  • Find a supportive partner….
  • Get a raise at work…
  • Get a BETTER job…
  • Go back to school…
  • Be funnier…
  • Be like her…
  • Change yourself somehow…
then things would all be better. Right?  
Here’s the deal…  
You ARE meant for bigger things, but you if you want something different, you have to DO something different.

I can confidently tell you that your capacity to feel whole, connected, alive, and worthy is DIRECTLY related to your ability to stand up, show up, and courageously live true to who you are every single day.
You need to become a courageous leader in your own  life...
...before you can do great things for anyone else’s.
If you can...
  • Embrace who you are – flaws, imperfections, faults, bruises, scars, and all – that’scourage
  • Share with the world what makes you quirky, unique, strange, goofy, sensitive, or vulnerable –that’scourage
  • Find and cultivate the guts to face your fears, doubts, and insecurities as you do life – that’s courage
And if you can be courageous in those tiny but mighty ways, there’s nothing standing in your way to making that “meant for more” life a reality.
So if you’re sitting there thinking...
“Holy cannoli, this chick just cracked open my heart and spilled feelings on the table…” 
...then keep reading. because I’ve been THERE.
HI! i'M Christiana...
...and at the ripe old age of 25,
I felt like my life was over.
I felt like I would never be skinny / smart / perfect / successful / beautiful / whatever-I-was-lacking-that-day "enough". At one point, I had big dreams, visions, and goals for my life, but as I graduated college and got a real job, I felt like I had everything I cared about in a cardboard box on the back of the shelf. It just wasn’t happening.
I’d read the books, listen to the podcasts, and browse the articles hoping something would click, but instead I would fluctuate from “I’m DOING this, I’m CHANGING MY LIFE” to “What’s the use, it’ll never work anyway” on a daily basis.

Overall I just felt pretty crummy with where my life was going, but in a lot of ways felt helpless to fix it. To be honest, I might not have ever gotten out of that dark place if it wasn’t for a string of awful life circumstances in 2015 that shook me to my core, and snapped me out of the autopilot mode I had put myself on.
Life is too short for you not to live it, AND
you are too special to doubt yourself aNY longer. 
 You WERE put here for great things.
Slowly but surely, my life came back together again. After 3 years time, I had drastically turned things around. I went from a corporate cubicle job to owning my own business. Shopping for houses in suburbia to renovating a school bus into a tiny home and traveling. And doubting every single move I made to feeling confident, alive, and WORTHY in my skin. I finally felt like I was the woman who could do great things with her life… and I’m just getting started.
It’s my mission to help you feel the same way in YOUR life.

That’s why I created
the HE[ART] of COURAGE program
The HE[ART] of COURAGE program is a 6 week journaling + art program aimed at helping you develop the radical, everyday courage to stand up + show up authentically to become the leader of your own life.
It’s high-time you fully embrace who you are and become the leader you were meant to be. This art, journaling + community driven group is a fun, exciting way to make it happen!
Art, journaling, being real, AND
becoming a leader in my own life?
6-Week HE[ART] of COURAGE program
6-Week HE[ART] of COURAGE program
Weekly 1:1 Office Hours for Added Support (via Voxer) 
I’m PRETTY fierce about
who I let into my programs, so…
  • You’re looking for a true sisterhood of women who accept you unconditionally and celebrate you in your imperfections, messes, and flaws. #truegirlpower
  • You’re willing to try new things for the sake of your personal growth. “You want me to use watercolor over an old photo of my 4th grade crush?! Ok…..if you say so!”
  • You know your life will onlychange if you are willing to take tiny little steps become the woman you need to be FIRST before you make any major life moves. Sometimes a step is answering a question in your journal, doing an art project, or sharing something from your heart with the group.
This program isn’t  for you if:
  • You’re judge-y and will mock, gossip, or whisper behind the backs of ANYONE in my community. Big no-no, and older sister (again, Moi)will come after you.
  • You’re a complainer. My momma once told me, “I would complain too if I thought it would help anything… but it doesn’t”.Momma was right, complaining gets you nowhere.
  • You won’t do the work or get vulnerable. I get that being vulnerable is hard, and I NEVER force women in my community to talk or share if it doesn’t feel right. But for this program to work, you haveto be willing to get real with yourself EVEN IF it’s just in the privacy of your own home.
In 6 weeks time... you’ll go from
insecure, unhappy, and unsure TO
What’s includeD IN
Weekly Masterclass Trainings in 6 Core Areas 
(Authenticity, Fear, Worthiness, Resilience, Connection, and Dreams)
HE[ART] of COURAGE 6-Week Reflection Journal
A daily reflection journal with prompts, reflection pages, vision prompting, personal inquiry exercises, and weekly check-ins to help you fill the gaps and apply our Masterclass trainings to your own life.
Weekly Art Journaling Virtual Meet-Ups
Think of these virtual meet-ups like those classes where you paint on canvas and sip wine with your girlfriends….but with a personal growth spin.

At the end of each week, we’ll come together, and I’ll have a fun, simple, creative art assignment to lock in the transformational lesson. You’ll be making collages, using watercolor, cutting out old photos – it’ll be a blast! (I’m pretty sure if Oprah had sleepovers at her house that we were invited to, she’d do these types of crafts).
Private Facebook Group
Consider this group a HE[ART] of COURAGE girls’ club where you can feel safe to share, discuss, and even meet other women in the program who are in your area!
Discussion + Encouragement Threads
Each week in our Facebook group, you’ll have the opportunity to share, reflect, or even share your story if you feel inspired.  
2 Q+A Calls With Me
I get it…questions come up. “What if I’m crying into my journal?!” and “How can I stop this fear from holding me back?!” or even “What would you do in this situation?” The Q+A time is your moment to be heard and ask whatever is on your mind!
Here’s what you’ll learn IN
the HE[ART] of COURAGE program
What “being real” means to you, and how to show up authentically every day despite your fears, doubts, and insecurities in who you are.
How to face your fears around being yourself WITHOUT being fearless. (Because fearless people are sociopaths)
What it means to truly feel worthy and how to find this for yourself.
How to be resilient yet true to who you are in the face of failure, heartbreak, criticism, and haters.
What TRUE connection means and how to be yourself in relationships with friends and loved ones.
How to find the courage to dream bigger for your life and take tiny little steps to making this your reality.
Masterclass Training with Registered Dietitian, Ruthanne Hilbrich
Ruthanne has been a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years and specializes in the emotional side of dieting, weight loss, and eating. She wholeheartedly believes that your relationship with food and your weight is directly tied to how you view yourself.

It’s her mission in life to help women feel whole, healthy, and fulfilled. Dishing up heavy doses of grace and grit, Ruthanne will be joining our group to help our HE[ART] of COURAGE community feel their best from the inside out.
the HE[ART] of COURAGE program
the HE[ART] of COURAGE program
Do I need to be an artist?
Not at all! My art is the adult equivalent of a macaroni necklace. The goal of the program isn’t to be a better artist, but rather to have fun, grow, and creatively express yourself as you work to develop a heart of courage.
Do I have to share my art or my answers?
Not if you don’t want to! I always encourage members of the program to share when it feels right, but if you want to fly under the radar while you do the work, that’s ok, too ☺.
Will you ever offer this again?
Maybe…things are always changing over here at The Art of Bravery, so I MAY offer this program again, but I also might not. Regardless, this will be the lowest price you’ll see this program or anything similar listed at, so be sure to join if you’re interested!
A note from Christiana…
Back in 2016, I joined my first art journaling group, and it forever changed my life. 

 There were women in their 60s all the way down to me at 26, and I remember feeling so alive during our meetings. We would do exercises around confidence, self-image, and worthiness, and some of the lessons I learned with those women are the most powerful I’ve come across. 

 All of our lives were SO drastically different… but the art brought us together and helped us radically turn our lives around. This is your chance to experience the same thing, and I’m so excited for you to join us.
I feel so confident in this program, and I'm so invested in your success that I want to give you a chance to try the HE[ART] of COURAGE program risk free

If you fully participate in all of the Masterclasses, complete all of your journaling reflection exercises, and you don’t feel a dramatic shift in your life, then I will happily give you a full refund once the program is completed.

All you have to do is email in your completed Journal. That’s how dedicated I am to your transformation.
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